Convention, Convention!

One of my favorite conventions is coming up soon: RavenCon, formerly of Richmond, VA) now of WILLIAMSBURG, VA. Given that I live in Williamsburg, this makes me very happy (although sad that they had to move, as it’s hard on the Richmond-local staff!)

One reason I love RavenCon is because they reach out to the local community and are an active part of a solid network of conventions along the East Coast. Most recently, they boosted the signal for small college event GriffinCon; they have tables and a supporting presence at MarsCon, MystiCon, and too many other events to list here. Check out their web site for the full details!

–>Side note: The Scribbling Lion will not have a table at this event. Leona R Wisoker will not be attending as a guest. She may pop in for a visit Saturday afternoon if all goes well.<–

But look, here’s a list of just a few of the folks who WILL be there, because that’s much more important:

SmClosetCoverAllen L. Wold, author of numerous SFF novels, teacher of fabulous writing workshops; check out his collection of short tales, A Closet For A Dragon!;

New musical guest The Positronic Cats look like they’re going to be a blast;

Angela Pritchett will be there, with her fantastic fan cookbooks Shut Up And Eat: The Unofficial Dr Who Series Cookbook, volumes 1 & 2. (We only have Volume 1 at this time, but we’re planning to get the second one soon!)

–> The really cool and easy to read online convention schedule is available here, if you’re curious.<–

Deadly CuriositiesGail Z. Martin will be there, promoting her latest book in the Deadly Curiosities series;

Misty Massey is always a joy to see on panels, and she’s a pretty damn good writer, too, by the way;

Stephen J. Simmons will be on panels Today’s Science, Tomorrow’s Books; Law & Society in Sci Fi; and Worldbuilding: Creating Fictional Political Systems;

GoHs this year are Sharon Lee and Steve Miller, Artist GoH Vincent Di Fate.

A whole bunch of other great folks will be wandering around. I’m not going to eat up this entire post with pointing at every single one. Go check out the RavenCon web site for the complete list!

–>ONE LAST SIDE NOTE: You CAN preorder books through TSL for this convention, even though there’s no official table. We have our ways of getting you the goods . . . *evil laugh* . . . Seriously, though, if you preorder, we’ll hand the books off to you at the convention, no charge. Just select RavenCon from the shipping options, or use coupon raven16 and select “local pickup”. Either one works. <–