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Back From MarsCon!

It was a wild and wooly weekend, all told. I made a hat-full of mistakes, recovered from most of them, and sold out of quite a few titles. All in all, a very good time! I’m currently updating the inventory on the website, and I should be bringing stock back down to Retro Daddio’s in Williamsburg to reset the table on Thursday.

Thank you to everyone who showed up at the convention — it was LOVELY to catch up with everyone, and the cosplay was EXTRAORDINARILY good this year.

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Congratulations to Devo Spice!

Cover art for album The Anarchist's Jokebook by Devo Spice

“Spider Verses” by Devo Spice, featuring Creative Mind Frame aka 1-Up, Insane Ian, Bonnie Gordon, TV’s Kyle, LEX the Lexicon Artist, and the great Luke Ski is the #1 most requested song of 2019 on The Dr. Demento Show! Read more, and get a coupon for the album, here!

Congratulations to everyone who worked on this song, that’s a huge achievement! Well done!

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New Arrivals in the Shop!

We have a few really fun new books in stock, and a couple have been restocked, just in time for that after-Christmas gift card splurge!

Grilled Cheese & Goblins by Nicole Kimberling

Into the Drowning Deep by Mira Grant (okay, this is straight up horror, so maybe not fun as such, but utterly excellent all the same!)

Mythic Dream by various (Anthology)

Literary Rogues by Andrew Shaffer

Los Nefilim by Teresa Frohock

Where Oblivion Lives by Teresa Frohock

(REMINDER: we are taking PREORDERS for T. Frohock’s forthcoming book, CARVED FROM STONE AND DREAM. Get those orders in now, it’s hugely important!)

A Face Like Glass by Frances Hardinge

There are a handful of books we decided not to list in the Shop for right now, because we only have one copy left; come to MarsCon or stop by Retro Daddio, both in Williamsburg, VA, to see what’s available!

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Carved From Stone And Dream

Lioness looking pensive

You may have heard me yelling about this from the rooftops over the past month, but just in case you’ve missed it: Teresa Frohock has a new book coming out in February 2020, called CARVED FROM STONE AND DREAM.

I do have to clear up one point of confusion: I’ve been counting the three-book omnibus (LOS NEFILIM) as books one through three, and WHERE OBLIVION LIVES as book four. The author, however, describes the Los Nefilim series as starting with OBLIVION, making CARVED book two, not book five. I apologize to anyone I’ve confused in recent months!

Regardless of sequence, I can absolutely guarantee that CARVED will be an excellent read, just as the previous books have been. For one thing, Teresa Frohock does intensive research — here’s her list of source books and inspirations. She also has an excellent glossary for her books available online.

As to her writing chops, take a look here for a free sneak peak at CARVED. Then preorder it!

You can also browse through her blog for a bunch of really cool miscellany.

Cover Art for Carved From Stone And Dream
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Cookbook Progress!

Feeding The Muse: Recipes For Authors, Recipes By Authors

I haven’t been shouting about it yet, but those folks in the know have been asking about when Feeding The Muse: Recipes For Authors, Recipes By Authors, is going to launch. I’m delighted to report that the last few learning curves have been rounded, and the last few wrinkles are being ironed out. IN OTHER WORDS, my ever-shifting deadline (remember, Those Who Knew, I’d originally planned this for January? HAH.) — is growing roots. I’m not going to tempt Fate (I’ve already irritated the Muses, and god help me if I annoy Fate one more time!) by setting out a hard date, but I’ll lean in and whisper: very soon now. Very, very soon.

Here’s the cover art. I can give you that much. And a few snips of what’s inside. I’M SO EXCITED by the way, this is a FUN collection!

Stay tuned for updates. Soon. Sooooooooooon.