Busy Busy Busy…

Leona here. Hello everyone! *waves*

So many folks are posting convention pictures! I’m quite jealous. But not really, because 1) the annual bronchitis has hit (blech! Coff coff!) and 2) I’m getting organized for two conventions in November: AtomaCon and ChessieCon. Both look like a ton of fun, for the panels alone; also, ChessieCon has a cool addon vendor game this year for attendees to enjoy, and hey–Seanan McGuire is their GoH! Seriously cool time to attend, in my opinion. Robert J. Sawyer is the GoH for Atomacon, in case anyone was wondering, and that looks pretty cool too.

There’s also several other things popping of late: there’s the Broad Universe Full Moon Tour starting tomorrow, which I’ve put a post into (now live, over on my author web site; read it here!). On Monday, Gail Z Martin will be taking over this space to talk about her latest and greatest projects.  I was just confirmed as a guest at Arisia 2016, which is SO very cool. I will very much miss MarsCon, but this is an opportunity not to be missed.  Because Scalzi. (Although, Boston in January…yeeep.) I won’t have a sales table there, but I’ll be more than happy to talk to anyone who’s interested about the story behind The Scribbling Lion and the various authors/musicians I highly recommend.

If you’re going to be in the more southern states in January, please do consider going to MarsCon. Ellen Datlow is GoH this year, and it’s going to be a fantabulously fun event. (The convention has been growing so rapidly that they had to switch hotels again this year to accommodate the numbers…) Definitely attend the Dr. Who Tea Party, which has been a smashing success since its inception two years ago, and make time to hear Jonah Knight, Danny Birt, and Mikey Mason. And I juuuust noticed that S.J.Tucker is going to be there and I’m going to miss seeing her! Aaaarrrrrrgggghhhhh.

OK, I won’t keep rabbiting on about MarsCon, I’m biased, can’t help it. It’s still my favorite convention ever. Check out their web site and find out why for yourself!