Atomacon Is Coming!

Just a few more days and we’ll be on the road for South Carolina. SO. EXCITED. Seems like forever since we’ve been to a convention. There are so many people to catch up with! You’ll be there… right? And you’ll stop by our table in the dealer’s room….RIGHT? Of course right. 🙂

Remember, we have new books in stock by Cassandra Khaw and Frances Hardinge. Not just books, but EXCELLENT books. And we’ll be offering work by Samantha Bryant again, as well. Three fabulous authors that you REALLY REALLY ought to read.

OH. And John Hartness is throwing a book launch party. That’s one party you don’t want to miss! We plan to be there, damn straight.

(Looking at list of Things To Do in the coming three days) EEEEEEP. Gotta run…. see you there!