Artsy Fartsy Stuff

No books in this post. No music, either. Just a bit about some really cool artists I’ve met over the past few days. I was able to go to two separate Florida art festivals this weekend: one in Fort Pierce and the other in Jupiter. The one in FP is apparently a regular thing on the weekends, so if you’re anywhere in the Treasure Coast area and you have a Saturday morning free, get out there–lots of fun stuff crammed into a relatively tiny space along Orange Avenue on the waterfront. And if you can’t, well, that’s why I’m doing this roundup post: so that you can hear about the ones I found the most fascinating without having to battle traffic and joust for parking. 😀

Take a look, first up, at Coralis Lopez. She works in watercolor and colored pencil (yeah, right there, you have my full attention!) and had some absolutely phenomenal giclées on display this time around. She has a Facebook page, which you really ought to go look at, and follow, if you’re a FBookian. As always (in my opinion at least) with fine art, the web simply doesn’t do the real thing justice. Her colors are vibrant and layered and textured and alive, and holy crap I had a hard time not blowing several hundred dollars at her booth. (The fact that I didn’t have that much money to spend probably helped a bit.) The tree frog print is particularly stunning.

There was also a very, very cool guy who uses PVC pipe to create whimsical bird sculptures and uses the scraps from that to make sailboat wall plaques. VERY COOL STUFF. He doesn’t have a web site, sadly, and I didn’t think to get photos (argh!) but his name is Ross Emrick, and if you want to get a hold of him he’ll be at the Fort Pierce show on Saturdays. Trust me, his stuff is great for anyone who likes Florida style art. (I do have his email address, but I’m not posting it because I don’t want him to get deluged with spam. If you want to contact him, drop me a line and I’ll put you in touch.)

Ah, and then there was Lulu Rocks, an absolutely stunning jewelcrafter. A lot of her stuff looked very steampunky; she uses stuff like 24K gold in her designs, so it ain’t cheap, but it is worth what you pay. You can find her web site here. She also has an Etsy page here…. but it doesn’t appear to have anything listed there. Hm. Aggravating, that. But take a look at the gallery on her web site, and don’t drool on your screen….

I’m going to back up and tell you how I wound up at the aforementioned Fort Pierce art fair in the first place. See, I wanted a haircut, and my last dye job had grown out to a sloppy mess. So I picked a place at random and wound up at Hair Is My Business in Fort Pierce, in Town Plaza on US 1.


Weeeeeeeellllllll. Let me tell you something. I walked in hoping for adequate and walked out in stunned disbelief at the awesome. It’s a one-woman shop, and that one woman is Elaine the Magnificent. OK, OK, her last name is Bell, but whatever. Take a look at that link I just gave you. It leads to her About page. If that isn’t enough to make you fall in love with her and make an appointment, then you obviously just don’t live close enough, that’s all. I now have the most awesome purple hair!

MORE important than the hair, though, is the people I met while getting that done. For instance, I started out talking with another HIMB client, Ethel Rowland. She is an artist, and told me about the art fair, and invited me to come see her at her studio around the corner from the fair (at Art Mundo studio). I did just that, and I’m SO glad I did. She’s a really great artist, very knowledgeable and passionate in her advocacy for FLCAN (Florida Cannabis Action Network). I learned about square grouper, which I hadn’t heard of before; she also told me all about her recent trip to Colorado to research how the legalization of pot is playing out. (Seriously, it was research, not just going to get high; she met with various political activist groups and went exploring all over the place.) If you’re interested in learning more about Ethel, she’s at Studio 320 in the Art Mundo building. You could also look up FLCAN, and take a look at LEAP (Law Enforcement Against Prohibition) while you’re at it. Good stuff.

So that’s how I wound up at the art fair, and at the Art Mundo building. It’s worth noting that I want to go back to AM if I get a chance, because I only had time to talk to a couple of the artists in residence there: Richard Lee, woodturner, and his wife Kathy Broadbent, textile artist, being one such. I don’t geek out over turned wood, it’s okay, just not really my thing; but Kathy’s scarves and woven items were absolutely gorgeous. I was deeply tempted to buy one for my mom, but it wasn’t quite the right shape for a head wrap. No web site or social presence, sorry! 🙁

The only other artist I had a chance to meet was Sevsi Duroseau, who works with clay; he’s a fun guy to talk to, and I loved the nearly-finished vases I saw lined up on his workbench. They’re going to be stunning when the final glaze firing is done!  Sevsi actually has a YouTube channel, but there’s nothing there at the moment except something about cliff diving from 2011. Huh. More usefully, there’s a Picasa album of his work that you can look at here.

I’m going to put the rambling about the Jupiter ArtiGras festival in another post. This one’s gone on long enough. Look for that in a couple of days! In the meanwhile, take a look at the above named folks and drop them a line letting them know if you like their portfolios. It means a lot! 🙂