Artigras, Take Two

*Looks back at the promise of adding the next section in a day or two*

*Looks at date*

*Bangs head on desk*

Eh, well. The important thing is that I have another slew of great artists for you to check out. NEVER MIND HOW LONG IT TOOK ME TO WRITE THIS POST. *ahem*

For those unsure what the hell I’m talking about, I went to Artigras of Jupiter, Florida a few *mumbleweeksmumble* ago, and as usual I’m posting about the most impressive folks I ran into while walking through that gigantic sprawling madness.

The first post I wrote about ArtiGras can be found here, if you’re interested.

I still have a half dozen folks to talk about…

First up, I’ll tell you about Tina Leto, a photographer with a stunning array of (mostly) black and white work in her portfolio. Her photos range from the journalistic approach (Romania) to the scenic (prairies) to personal (portraits, weddings) and more. As with so much photography, the internet really doesn’t do the physical prints justice: her work has a powerful punch when seen to proper scale. I like black and white photography when done well; if you feel the same way, check out Leto’s work. I especially like her prairie series; I’m a sucker for dramatic plant photography.

Next, I’ll point you towards Phil Fung, a considerably more abstract and colorful artist whose business card reads “Artist. Teacher. Ninja.” Here’s an excerpt from his “about” page:

Most artists have an artist statement.  I only have an ideal.  Whatever I do, no matter the job or the subject it will be with all my heart. All my craftsmanship, my experience, and my life poured into my work.

Fung has an eclectic portfolio, to say the least; so far, he has painted two concrete trucks and started the Pop-Up Gallery at Pinecrest and the InterContinental Wynwood Art Shop. His work is bold and colorful and powerful; in person, it’s completely stunning stuff. His more whimsical pop art work is also extremely fun: take a look at The Dark Lord and Ninja Pop.

Moving onto something completely different, may I introduce you to KT Leather Designs from Wyoming, MI. Art fairs like ArtiGras are perfect for finding dedicated small crafters; I was delighted to find this booth.  I believe there were one or two other leatherworkers at the fair, but KT really stood out as excellent quality, well worth the price. I bought a belt–I was dearly tempted to drop a whole lot more money, but managed–somehow–to restrain myself. 😀 Take a look at their web site and see for yourself.

KT Leather Designs will be at the East Lansing Art Festival (MI) May 21-22; the KIA Arts Fair in Bronson Park, Kalamazoo (MI) June 3-4, and the Crosby Festival of the Arts in Toledo (OH) on June 24-26. They appear to be booked for another half-dozen or so shows after that, although the information isn’t showing up on the site; I suggest contacting them directly for the latest list, or sign up for their newsletter. Good work is worth keeping track of.

Speaking of art shows, Gregg Billman is another artist worth looking into. He’ll be at the Gulf Breeze Art Festival in FL March 12-13; the Fairhope Art Festival in AL March 18-20; the Deep Elum Arts Festival in Dallas, TX April 1-3, and the Festival of the Arts in Oklahoma City, OK, from April 19-24. Why do I like his work? Well, he paints dogs. Cute, whimsical, adorable, fun and goofy dogs. Pop art style dogs. DO I REALLY NEED TO EXPLAIN FURTHER? No. I didn’t think so. He also creates art for kids, which is just ADORABLE, and botanical images, and COFFEE and nautical and music and and and… oh, just go look for yourself already. His web site is a bit on the basic side, but you’ll get the idea well enough. Oh, and like his Facebook page, while you’re at it.

 Right. Two cards left in front of me. Can I bring this post in at under a thousand words? Let’s find out. 😀

I don’t normally get overly impressed with jewelry; I don’t wear it much, myself. But there are times I have to stop and just stare at utter artistry don’tlookatthepricetagjustdrool you know how that is, right? So for your daily dose of drool worthy beauty, I present Jayne DeMarcay. “Hand crafted artistry. 14K/SS/Semi Precious Stones.”

OH MY GOD. I just don’t have words. Her work is so gorgeous, folks. You have to go look for yourself on this one. GO LOOK AT IT RIGHT NOW AND DESPAIR AT THE BEAUTY. It’s also a really well done web site, by the way, very smooth and professional and drooooooool… *ahem*

Last and arguably best is Insectworks: “3D Artwork From The World of Insects”. This could have been totally gross/creepy, but NO. There are no real insects in this portfolio. Instead you have a startlingly realistic array of insects crafted from paper and paint and glue and whatnot. LOOK. BUTTERFLIES. And beetles. If you know someone who loves insects, but you don’t want to harm the little critters for the sake of an art display, this is a FANTASTIC place to find presents. The artist’s name is Jennifer Ivory, and she’s on Twitter under /insectworks …she has a mailing list, and does a bunch of shows throughout the year, and her phone number is even set up as a bug referencethat is dedication! Even if you don’t like insects as a whole, you absolutely have to go see Ivory’s work in person one of these days. Internet just doesn’t do justice to the detail and precision.

AND I’M DONE with the art show writeup! WOOO! And just under a thousand words, too.

Thanks for your eyeball time, and I hope you find something you love amongst the offered art!