ArtiGras of Jupiter, FL February 2016

Normally I write event review posts immediately after the event in question. I slipped up on this one; it’s been well over a week since ArtiGras of Jupiter, FL. So I’m working off of old memories and have inevitably forgotten a great deal. My up front apologies about that.

However. I do remember it was huge. A sprawling, gigantic beast of a festival; one arm had the bulk of the food vendors, and of course there were carts with lemonade and such scattered about everywhere, but the vast array of art in all possible forms: sculpture, jewelry, oils, watercolor, pencil, woven items, clothing–it was incredible. I would have spent twice as much time if I’d been alone. Traveling with a group means keeping a certain shared pace, unfortunately, so I had to hurry past a number of places where I wanted to sit and talk to the artist.

I collected a whole lot of cards and flyers in an attempt to mitigate that. Here’s what I have spread out before me, in no particular order:

Beach Glass Bingo: Gene Allen and Rex Nockengust create an astoundingly delightful array of jewelry from beach glass.

Karin Neuvirth, acrylic palette knife paintings: I will admit straight out that I did not pick this card up from the artist directly. As we were in line to buy entry tickets to ArtiGras, a young lady approached us with free tickets and a handful of business cards from the folks sponsoring said free tickets. What I can see of Neuvirth’s work, on the site, looks nice. Not really my “thing”, but nicely done. I’m including it here for those who do like that style, and with a deep nod of appreciation for the freebies.

Lost Treasures: The Wooden Synagogues of Eastern Europe: Bill Farran, Artist-Historian-Presenter is another of the freebie-ticket cards. He does not appear anywhere in the ArtiGras brochure that I can see, so I’m not entirely sure what his involvement was outside of sponsoring free tickets. He works with woodcuts/lithographs, which, again, is really not my interest, but I’m very grateful to him all the same for the tickets.

Robin Marsh: Wildlife metalwork and sketches. STUNNING. Oh, for the money to buy one of these pieces. The fox especially. I adored this booth and wanted to stare at the art all. damn. day. Take a look at the Etsy shop, too, not just the web site. (Warning: web site has heavy graphics and potentially long load time. If that’s a concern, go to the Etsy site instead.) Oh, and she has a Pinterest page, too. And FB. I love seeing artists who cover a wide area online!

RON Originals: Ron Schmidt, “King of the Nail Sculptors” (a lofty claim, perhaps, but take a look at his web site and decide for yourself if it’s appropriate.) NOTE: I am not listing his site at this time because McAfee is flagging it as high risk. Once that is resolved I’ll link it up properly. It bums me out big time to have to hold back. I’m guessing his site was hacked and he’s not aware of it… I have a message in with him about this. Hopefully it gets fixed soon. 🙁

Verre Visage Glass Studio: Christine and Jim Freeburn, hand crafted fused glass. OK, so, every time you go to a craft fair there are people flogging their glass art. Most of it doesn’t impress me. I’ve seen endless variations on the same damn thing at show after show. This stuff, though? Made me stop and look. It’s neat as hell. Check out their web site to see what I mean.

Kana’s Arts: Kana Handel, an artist whose semi-abstract works just glow with magic. I adored this stuff and spent so long talking with her that I had to run to catch up with my friends. Unfortunately, her web site, like RON, flags as a phishing site. I’ve linked to her blogspot page instead, and once more, I have a message in to her about the problem. In the meanwhile, explore the blogspot site but stay away from her main web site, would be my suggestion.

The Charm School Dropout: Sarah & Aaron Collier. “Making old fashioned art with new technology.” Various oddities and eclectica, quite a lot of fun stuff. I believe I’ve seen these folks at other events, but damn if I can pin down just where. They are on FB, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Deeeeeeep breath… no, I’m not done yet. That’s about half the stack…. I’ll pick up the rest tomorrow, though, so you don’t get overloaded with too much excellent stuff all at once. Go forth and look through those artists, follow them on FB or whatever, and please do let them know TSL sent you their way! 😀

Enjoy Art!