Are You Ready For The Weekend?

There’s this convention in North Carolina, kicking off today. It’s called ConTemporal, and you can find out more about it here. Danny Birt will be there, alongside Allen Wold, Misty Massey, Mark L. Van Name, Angela Pritchett, Dave Lee, and Valentine Wolf.

…Yes, of course there are other guests. Those are just the names of the people known to us here at The Scribbling Lion–the folks who we strongly suggest seeking out and listening to. They are all great panelists, performers, and (in some cases) punsters. (Watch out for Danny in particular on that point–he’s very quick!) Allen Wold’s writing workshop is an absolute MUST for any writers–amateur and pro alike. Just ask any of the dozens, if not hundreds, of students that he’s nudged into full motion over the years.

Speaking of Danny Birt, are you aware that he’s running a Kickstarter to fund his latest album? You really, really ought to watch the video for this one. It’s very fun. And even if you can’t donate, please pass this link along on Facebook and Twitter and whatever other social media you use. We’ve been privileged to hear a few of the songs planned for this album, and wow, they’re good. In fact, we’re so impressed that we tossed a hefty chunk of money into the pot already in support of this project.

Danny has other videos up, as well, if you’d like to see him performing at conventions and such. Try the Whack-a-Mole Singalong Song, or The Spice Must Flow, or The XKCD Song. (and thanks, by the way, to the folks who posted those videos on YouTube! If YOU can tape Danny in concert this weekend, please do post it to YouTube! We love seeing those–every performance is just a bit different, especially the audience-participation ones!)

Meanwhile, Leona will be… spending time catching up on housework and writing projects, spending time with family and friends, and sleeping in a fair amount. Ahhhhh…. bliss. It’s different for everyone…. 😀

….Oh, heck, we’ll make it TOTALLY simple for everyone to see Danny’s Kickstarter video. Here you go:

Have we been obvious enough yet that we love this project? Well, what can we say. We get super wound up about really cool ideas. 😀

Enjoy your weekend!