All Caught Up! (I Think…)

ConGregate 2016 was really super good to us. The people were absolutely lovely, sales were great, and we left with a lot of hope for the future of The Scribbling Lion. I’ve now caught up on the inventory changes, so the web site should reflect stock on hand and pricing accurately.

I was very pleased to see that nobody seemed upset about the price increases. In fact, more than one person mentioned being relieved that I’d brought them up! I found that amusing and enlightening. Apparently one reason I was having trouble getting taken seriously is because my prices were too low! Iiiiiiinteresting. 😀 Lessons learned, lessons learned.

Moving on, the next event on the calendar is AtomaCon in November. I’ll say straight out that it’s a strong maybe at this point; I’m handling serious family medical issues, and so much is in flux right now that I might have to cancel out of that one. I will do my level best to avoid that! I very much want to see you folks in November. (If you voted, I might just buy you a drink, regardless of the outcome–either to celebrate or to share the despair.)

Because of the current life-in-flux situation, I’m having to trim back a bit on my obligations. For instance, I know good and well I won’t be updating the calendar as frequently in the coming months, so I’m trying to decide if I should take the widget off the site entirely. Opinions welcome! I really do like being able to show events from all over the States, but there are SO MANY…and I just don’t have the time I used to for tracking and logging. How often do you folks look at it, though? Has it been in any way useful, or is it just a waste of time and space for this particular site? Please do drop me a line on Twitter or comment on this post to let me know.

I’m also not adding any inventory in the near future. What’s on the site is what I’ve got. If you see something that’s out of stock, please do find the author on Amazon or through their publisher, and by all means tell the author you tried to buy through TSL but I sent you elsewhere! That feedback will let me know if I should reorder their books.

The biggest change will be in ordering and shipping time. I won’t be able to check the site for orders every single day, and I’ll have to coordinate with the guy handling the inventory at the moment, so it may take a bit longer to send your books or CDs out. If you place an order, but don’t hear back from me within 24 hours, please, please either drop me a line on Twitter or send me an email to follow up. I truly apologize for this inconvenience, but damnit, life is just a bit messy at the moment.

All right, that’s the end of my time for working on this stuff, so I’ll quit blathering on. 😀 Thank you for being a follower and customer and reader and fan and all the wonderful things you are every day! And thank you for being so patient and understanding.

Now, how’s about you head over to the shop? Browse and enjoy!