The Scribbling Lion: Redux

For folks who like goofy, rambling explanations. 😀

If that ain’t you, visit this page instead.

LionBannerCrop1Welcome to the dream-world of The Scribbling Lion…

…where all sorts of goofy, outside-the-labels creative types wander by, stop for a chat, then go back to creating their visions.

In the corner over there, presiding, is the Great Lioness, also known as the Infinite Slave of Coffee. She’ll let you put graffiti on the walls as long as it’s skillful, and as long as no personal insults are involved. (Comment moderation policy is here.)

The folks whose work the Great Lioness thinks you ought to know about (and buy) are called The Pack, and you can find out about them over here.


Other Stuff To Know About Us:

Now and again, the Great Lioness and, of course, The Pack, venture forth and hold court at various Real World public events. Take a look at the calendar to the right side of the screen for details of what’s coming up next.

Whether at home or out in public, the Great Lioness is always on the hunt for new and exciting creations by her fellow goofballs. The Great Lioness is also exceedingly talkative. She is most active on Facebook and Twitter, but there is also a watering hole here in the dream-world (the Real World calls this a blog) where you can gather and listen to stories by, about, and from many a lovely creative soul. If you think you have enough material to write an original, thought-provoking blog post, pitch it to the Lioness! She’s always looking for new material.

Being Specific Is A Good Thing:

The Scribbling Lion is a very, very small book and music shop. We buy, we sell, we promote works of supreme creative excellence.

Speaking of buying and selling–it’s sad, but wildebeests just ain’t as easy to catch as they used to be for aging carnivores. Sometimes that plastic wrapped steak is the better bet after a long day of hunting. Which brings us to–

Not The Claw Of All Evil:

Money in the bank is a beautiful thing, for TSL and for the Pack–and for you, in the long run, because keeping a struggling artist afloat guarantees your place in heaven/rebirth as a magnificent lioness/an excellently peaceful afterlife. Or maybe it just saves us all from endless reboots of movies from the 70s and 80s. Hard to decide which is more appealing, really….

So, visit one or more of the Lioness-beloved businesses listed in the sidebars. Visit our online shop or convention table. Check out our coupon page. Buy a gift for a friend. And if none of that interests you, or if you’re just feeling particularly generous, there is a donation jar at the bottom of the page. Even five dollars picks up a nice juicy steak (or pays our monthly web site host, in Real World terms). If folks start donating on a regular basis, we’ll set up special discounts and deals for our Bestest Supporters. This may or may not involve a screaming yellow banner plastered across the front page with the words THANK YOU [NAME]  *ahem* free chocolate and other gifts.


For Filking Fans: May we suggest you begin by reading about Danny Birt, Jonah Knight, and Devo Spice.

If You Like Literary Fantasy/SF: Investigate Tom Doyle and Darin Kennedy.

For Epic and Urban Fantasy fans: Gail Z. Martin and the Great Lioness herself, Leona R. Wisoker, are good bets.

Steampunk: Gail Z. Martin

Hard-to-define bizarrities: Take a look at our various anthologies (Cats In Space, Galactic Creatures, Sha’Daa: PAWNS, for instance)and collections.

 We are currently hunting down more inventory, so sign up to our Facebook or Twitter feed to hear about new arrivals as they launch!

Enjoy the journey and remember–there’s always time to find a nice warm sunbeam and take a nap!