About Donations


Every little bit helps. A few examples:

Ten dollars covers website hosting fees for a month.

Thirty dollars takes care of office supplies (ink, paper, stamps, etc) for three months.

Forty dollars just about fills the tank of the Blue Dragon (Leona’s beautiful Jeep Commander) for a trip to (or from) a Maryland or South Carolina convention.

Fifty dollars covers a six-month supply of business cards.

A hundred dollars (usually) covers one night at a hotel at a convention.

Two hundred (usually) gets a vending table at that convention. And so on and on.

This is not a comprehensive list, merely a few examples of what expenses donations help defray.



Leona isn’t planning on getting rich with The Scribbling Lion. She would, however, really like to meet current expenses….

…so if the current inventory doesn’t excite you, drop a few bucks in the donation bucket below, and come back soon to see what’s new!

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