A Book Walks Into A Web Site…

Fallen City ebook cover artOur first eBook, Fallen City, is live! Well, sort of*.

The files for the eBooks are done (print files will be issued in early January. Mike McPhail deserves a peaceful New Year’s vacation…)

We’re having an unexpected issue with uploading them to this site for sale. (Leading to the revelation, last night, of: ohhhh, THIS is why everyone goes through Amazon/ BN/ Smashwords ….. durrrrrrrhhhhh….)

In short, WooCommerce/ WordPress isn’t real eBook friendly unless you mess around with the PHP code**. And friends, one thing Leona ain’t is a programmer, not nohows. She breaks out in hives at the sight of anything more complicated than super-basic HTML. Talk about C++ or PHP or Oracle or FORTRAN and she’s making tracks so fast you can hear the floor disintegrating under her feet.

So we’re searching for the best solution behind the scenes here. In the meanwhile, if you want the eBooks, please drop an email to lioness@thescribblinglion.com with 1) what format you want and 2) the email where you want the book sent.

Then move on to step 3, which is paying for the sucker–the eBooks will be $3.99 regardless of format. You can either go through the site directly, or wander over to PayPal, if that makes you happier, and send the money to lioness@thescribblinglion.com (If the latter, please do specify in the notes what you’re paying for, including the file type and destination email, so that our records remain crystal clear for years to come.)

And of course step 4 will be to read the book, and step five will be to leave a review somewhere…. Goodreads, maybe? –Oh, there isn’t a Goodreads listing for this one yet… –>flails off into the digital jungle to take care of that…..

Where’s that damn parachute…? I told you we ought to pack a parachute, what were we THINKING….?


* If your response to that statement was “What, you’re launching it before you have everything totally perfect and in place?” — uhm, have you been paying attention? That’s pretty much the way we roll around here. Throw ourselves off the cliff and learn to fly on the way down.

** This is the kind of information that would be real freaking handy to see in those self-publishing guru guides, doncha think????