Change Of Direction

Hello, everyone!

I’ve taken another good hard look at the business model and decided to make some long overdue changes. After some research, I’ve decided that Amazon would be more accessible and convenient for the majority of our customers, and provide a wider audience to the authors The Scribbling Lion is promoting. So: I’m discontinuing the shop as it stands and moving that function over to Amazon. Buy links will soon (around the end of January 2018, at a guess) redirect over to an Amazon sales page. CAUTION: Be aware that this Amazon page is not mobile friendly. 🙁

I’m putting the focus of the business back where it belongs: on the promotion and support of authors, especially those in marginalized and minority demographics. Over the coming weeks, I’ll be shifting from an LLC to a non profit structure, among other changes. It’s past time I reconnected with the passion that prompted me to open this business in the first place.

I want to boost underserved authors out into the limelight, get them moving towards bigger and better things, raise their visibility, all of those wonderful catchphrases and more. I’ll still have sales tables at conventions and events throughout the year, but I’m going to allow myself to concentrate on the part that makes me really happy: geeking out about excellent authors.

Stay tuned to see how this refocus develops! And let’s all tackle 2018 with the passion, grace, and ferocity of a lion. Forward!