Comment Moderation Policy

The Lioness believes in freedom of dialogue. This is not the same as freedom of speech, mind you, and this is not a democratically run blog. Ideas may be argued until the sun implodes from either excitement or boredom, take your pick, but personal insults are not tolerated. Don’t know the difference? Here’s an example:


I cannot believe you follow the notion of gender essentialism; it’s an absurd and hurtful construct [because reasons/supporting evidence].


You are a fucking idiot because of your belief in gender essentialism, and I hope you were sterilized so you cannot breed and produce more idiots.

There. That should illuminate the difference. The Lioness reserves the right to make case by case decisions, naturally, as each situation will always be less clear cut than the example above. Appeals are permitted. Second chances will be given. Perhaps even third.

Anyone attempting to use this blog as part of calling down an internet mob on anyone for any reason will be summarily shitcanned from ever commenting here again. Getting a second chance on that one will be incredibly tough.


As noted above, this blog is not democratically run. It is not fair, it is not even-handed, it is not intended as a safe space*–and it is not going to allow representation of every single possible point of view. Unsolicited self-advertisement, along with advocating ideas that lead directly and unmistakably to hateful and violent behavior, will put the commenter on very thin ice from the first step. Walk with care, cubs. Walk with care.


Please do comment on posts. Please do argue. Respond; be involved!

If you’re interested in writing a blog post for TSL, here are a few topics the Lioness is particularly interested in exploring just now (not a comprehensive list):

  • Gender essentialism
  • How to navigate a discussion on a “hot” topic without being offensively rude to one another and/or setting off an internet mob/flame war
  • Transphobia
  • Our national obsession with our military as The Best (only) Heroes Ever
  • Mad Max/Fury Road
  • Various current LBGTQ issues
  • How dialect affects word choices (and which TV shows/movies get the translation process right)
  • Dr Who across the years and cultural mores
  • How our seniors are being shut out and left behind in an increasingly specialized world
  • How to navigate a culture in which the rules are never explicitly stated, but breaking them brings instant punishment; examples of such a culture (if any) and/or discussion of fictional versions of same

What do these issues have to do with creativity, community, inspiration, and making a career out of our dreams? Well, let’s see if we can find that out….

* Safe spaces are absolutely vital creations. The Lioness supports them. She’s just not willing to put that label on this blog at this time; she feels it risks stifling the spirited conversations she wants to promote. So please consider this a trigger warning**: there will be cussing in the blog, on the site, and in the comments; there will be topics and opinions discussed that can upset sensitive folks. Going elsewhere to protect yourself is not running away, is not hiding, is not trying to live in an echo chamber; it’s just, very simply, protecting yourself–today–from something that’s past your ability to handle–today. Maybe tomorrow you’ll be back, and that would be fantastic. Maybe not–and that is okay too. No shaming on that point will be tolerated.

** Trigger warnings may be given for individual posts if there is distinctly problematic material involved.

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