Are You A Publisher?

No. Well. Not really. In any case, we don’t accept submissions. Sorry.

Will You Sell My Stuff?

Right now, our inventory is full, and there’s a backlog of titles we’d love to stock. So, no. Sorry.

What Is Your Return Policy?

Limited. You can find details here.

Are You Paid For Your Recommendations?

Only in the sense that if you buy something from the shop, the money goes into our pocket.

Why Are Your Prices So High?

We can’t match Amazon or the larger booksellers, and we’ve decided not to try. Our prices are currently based on a markup that will let us at least break even at most conventions. We keep our stock until it sells. It never gets returned, never debits against an author’s earnings.  Used books are great, but they don’t give anything back to the author, so we don’t sell those. We sell signed and unsigned copies for the same price, and if you see us at a convention, we’ll frequently offer extras or discounts on multiple item purchases. If you need a cheaper copy, we understand! Please consider visiting your local library; they’ll definitely benefit from the traffic, and the author will get more notice that way as well.

What About Those Ads?

External links and ads are provided with no expectation of any consideration or payment, and are based entirely on Leona’s honest opinion that the target is truly excellent. They produce no monetary return for TSL at this time. Leona would really like to change that, but first she has to prove that paying for advertising with TSL will earn a given business that amount back in a reasonably short time–and right now, it won’t.

Tip: If you follow the external links and buy something? And (really important) mention that you stopped by because of TSL? Leona might be able to start charging for ads. (That would be like all the holidays at once come early, in case you were wondering.)

Please do submit your question below! TSL will answer as quickly as possible, and add both the Q & the A to the list above.

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