What Is A Scribbling Lion?

Short answer

We love books. So we read books, and because we’re crazy, we set up a bookstore to sell our favorites.

A More Precise, But Longer, Answer

As Leona’s own writing career has unfolded over the years, she’s noticed a pattern of up-and-coming creative types having to arrange/beg shared table space at conventions, usually on a consignment basis. While consignment and/or shared tables make perfect sense from a business standpoint, the other folks involved usually haven’t read your work and thus have no real handle or interest in marketing it. The only way to sell, then, is to be at the table every spare moment–and lord-of-light, a ligature of increasingly desperate authors clustered around a single sales table is a terrifying sight by Sunday afternoon!

There’s always hand-selling, but that involves dragging books all over the convention with you. Not ideal, embarrassing at times, and a significant source of back strain.

There has to be a better way, says Leona, and came up with The Scribbling Lion. When we can, we get a convention table and sell the work of our favorites among the attending authors, reducing their expenses and stress.

TSL has been through a number of “throw it at the wall and see if it sticks” iterations, which unfortunately doesn’t make for a terrific business model. Additionally, the Lion is recovering from being effectively on hiatus through most of 2017.

As of March 2018, Leona is back on her feet (mom passed in April 2017), and is digging in to untangle the dropped mess bit by bit. Please be patient.